Book Review: The Dravidian by Dr. Kalyan C. Kankanala

 “If you want to make a difference, you must fight for it, fight without giving up, fight against all odds, fight until the end” – Chapter 27, The Dravidian – God’s own tribe.

 I have fallen in absolute love with these lines above from the book, The Dravidian. These lines serve to remind us that nobody who ever made a difference made so by quitting and giving up without a fight.

In line with the previous Arjun Chronicles, The Dravidian is a fast paced legal IP thriller that is sure to leave its readers asking for more. The story begins with the all too familiar scene of the Lankan Warfield, where a fatally wounded Laxman lies in a pool of blood, fighting what seems like an inevitable end. Ram, the elder brother, on the other hand sees hope in Hanuman and his superhuman abilities to find a cure that can heal and restore Laxman’s fast fading pulse. When the Dravidians help bring back Laxman from the brink of certain death, Lord Ram makes a promise that will ensure the survival of the tribe for centuries to come and sanctify the Dravidian tribe as being ‘God’s own’.

Fast forward centuries later and the tribe is battling to keep itself alive along with the invaluable knowledge in their possession.

Arjun Mamidi, the young blind lawyer in his charismatic style jumps to the aid of the Dravidians at the first opportunity only to find himself stuck in a web of deceit and deadly danger. As Arjun battles the toothless law, corrupt legal system, and the formidable adversary at the same time, he is unwittingly carrying out the promise made by Lord Ram to the Dravidians.

The plot of ‘The Dravidian’ is well chalked and complete with intricate details that writers often tend to miss or overlook. The narration transports you deep into the jungles of the Western Ghats in one instance and right into the midst of the Court room arguments in the next with absolute ease.

All the characters of the story, be it the ever faithful Labrador – Neo, the brave Dravidian warrior – Viran, the beautiful and intelligent Upa Vaidya – Chila or the comical Jose; each character resonates with someone you know from your everyday life.

The Dravidian is definitely a must read just like the previous Arjun Chronicles – Pirates of Bollywood and Epidemic. The Dravidian is currently available in the e-book format on Amazon Kindle and for the more traditional readers; the paperback version is likely to be released in January 2018.


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