Prof Ishwara Bhat gets report card from the NUJS Review Commission

Not very long ago, amid the controversy of deep dissatisfaction of students with NUJS vice chancellor Ishwara Bhat, the Chief Justice of India set up a statutory review commission for the National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) to identify the positive factors responsible for the success of NUJS so that they can be protected, promoted, preserved on the one hand while identifying negative factors that are blocking NUJS from doing even better. This commission interacted with the stakeholders during an inspection in September.

Following demands made by the Student Juridical Association (SJA), the organization of students to promote co-curricular and extra-curricular activities within NUJS, the report of the first ever Review Commission for the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (NUJS) dated October 31, 2017 was finally made public.

As stated in the commission’s 56-page report, it has been recommended to maintain student and faculty strength, suggested measures of general interest, reducing overcrowding on infrastructure and augmenting faculty resources, strengthening of academic administration, strengthening grievance redress mechanism. Besides, it has also been recommended that the members of the security staff should not have unrestricted access to CCTV footage in order to identify those who enter late to the campus even while returning within stipulated time. Moral policing in the name of security should be prohibited. Gender sensitization should be carried out.” Though submitted last year, the report has been made public only this Saturday.

Read the report here.

Meanwhile, the SJA has stood firm in its stand while calling for protest. The students has been undertaking a silent protest in their classrooms against Prof Ishwara Bhat. Besides their protest, the SJA has given an ultimatum for Bhat’s resignation by 9 am on March 28, 2018. The SJA warns of more vigorous protests in case of non-compliance with the deadline by Prof. Bhat:

Despite having little hope given our experience with him so far, our plan of action shall be to initially mark our protest passively. We will be attending classes and engaging with faculty about their views on the report starting today.

In the highly likely scenario that he does not resign by the stipulated deadline, our protest shall become more active and vigorous. However, under no circumstances, shall we be compromising on our academic integrity. To that end, we will be appearing for our mid-semester tests, submitting our project papers and requesting faculty to reschedule our classes so as to not jeopardise our constitutional and educational rights. In course of our protest, we shall not be obstructing the right to work of any faculty or staff member.

Read SJA’s official statement here.

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