Former Vice Chancellor P. Vanangamudi of Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University booked under corruption charges [Read FIR]

The Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption has filed an FIR against former Vice-Chancellor of Tamil Nadu Dr Ambedkar Law University (TNDALU) P Vanangamudi, accusing him of corruption and collecting bribes for appointment of assistant professors and misappropriating University Funds.

According to DVAC, it is alleged that during his tenure, Vanangamudi entered into conspiracy with other accused and violated the admission procedure for Non-Resident Quota of 15%.The FIR was registered on Thursday against Vanangamudi and five others accused for misusing the15% NRI quota during admission. The others are Dr K S Sarwani, head of department of inter-disciplinary studies and director of distanceeducation department, D Jaishankar, associate professor in thedepartment of inter-disciplinary studies, V Balaji, incharge registrar of TNDALU, S K Ashok Kumar, deputy registrar incharge of TNDALU, and K Rajesh, administrative officer in the office of controller of examinations of the University.

The FIR alleged that Vanangamudi during his tenure amassed huge wealth by corrupt and fraudulent manner disproportionate to the known source of income. In the 15% NRI quota for student admission in the University, it was alleged that the administration collected nearly 25 to 30 lakh per applicant, that to from those who were not even NRI and arranged false visa from foreign country through middle men in East Asian Countries .

It was further submitted that the Vice Chancellor also received enormous amount as illegal gratification by inducing the students who wanted to stay abroad thereby permitting them to stay away by forgoing their attendance in University as if they were attending the classes. It was also alleged that he misappropriated building funds and other construction funds by making expenditure beyond sealing limit. “Huge amount have been realized by them in paper chasing and in examination by passing failed candidates and un qualified examiners have also been utilized for this purpose.” The FIR alleged.

Vanangamudi is also accused of collecting 20lakh to 30 lakh for appointment of 30 assistant professors stating that the amount would be paid to ‘Garden’ and the law minister. DVAC has not specified which ‘Garden’ it means or the name of the minister. “Huge amount were diverted and paid for esthete, wood work beautif cation landscaping, furniture, large number of Computers and un wanted books for the university by Vanangamudi  with the assistance of others without obtaining prior sanction of Finance Committee, Purchase committee, Senate and Syndicate” the FIR stated.

 However according a report by The Hindu, P. Vanangamudi has moved the Madras High Court seeking anticipatory bail in the case. He has argued that the case was filed against him based on a complaint that was “a fabled fact that was concocted to the core”. He submitted that he was being fixed by his rivals with an ulterior motive and the complaint was filed only to harass him.

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