Uttarakhand HC seeks to revoke the designation of Senior Advocate Avatar Singh Rawat

The High Court of Uttarakhand has sought to take back the designation of Senior Advocate Avatar Singh Rawat for allegedly making a ‘false statement’ and acting in an ‘unethical manner’.

“The conduct of Rawat, Senior Advocate is against the professional ethics and appears to be misconduct on his part”, said Justice Lok Pal Singh. Justice Singh has recommended cancellation of Senior Advocate Avatar Singh Rawat’s designation and directed that his observations to be placed before the Chief Justice of the High Court for further steps.

The Bench took strong view of the fact that in spite of the opportunity granted by the Court, Rawat did not withdraw from arguing on behalf of Power Grid Corporation. Justice Singh was perturbed over Rawat for appearing for a client some years ago but now arguing against the same client in a fresh case before the Bench. In the opinion of this Court Avatar Singh Rawat does not deserve to continue as a Senior Advocate.

The client had moved an application seeking action against Rawat for professional misconduct. But Rawat made a false statement by arguing that he was not engaged as a counsel by the Appellant and secondly argued that being a Senior Advocate he can argue even against his previous client.

The court noted that a lawyer is known for his extraordinary knowledge and a bonafide mistake is excusable but deliberately committing a mistake is unexcusable. From the material fact it was evident that the mistake committed by Rawat was a deliberate act rather than a bonafide mistake.

Justice Singh directed the Registrar General of the High Court to place his order before the Chief Justice for processing his recommendations in terms of Uttarakhand High Court Designation of Senior Advocates Rules, 2009. Justice Singh also held that Rawat failed to maintain the dignity, moral and high ethics of a Senior Advocate and acted in an unethical manner.

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