Supreme Court Women Lawyers Association felicitates Justice Indu Malhotra

“Women Lawyers need to develop the habit of certain work ethics. Practice is developed brief by brief.” These are the words of wisdom that the recently appointed judge to the Supreme Court, Justice Indu Malhotra gave when she addressed the Supreme Court Women Lawyers Association yesterday. SCWLA had arranged a gathering to felicitate her in the Ladies Bar Room  of Supreme Court of India. On the day when the news regarding her elevation came, the biggest cheer came from this room. Justice Indu Malhotra holds the distinction of the first women lawyer to be directly elevated as a Supreme Court Judge, after having a successful stint in litigation. Prior to her only  six have found their way to the Apex Court them being Justice Fathima M. Beevi (1989-92), Justice Sujatha V. Manohar (1994-99), Justice Ruma Pal(2000-06), Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai(2011-14), Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra (2010-2014) and Justice R. Bhanumathi( 2014-2020), .

While addressing the large gathering of Supreme Court lady lawyers she stressed on the idea of women lawyers developing a systematic work culture. She further emphasized the duty of the lawyers to finish work in time and to avoid procrastination. According to her the first thing she would do when she receives a brief would be to calculate the period of limitation. She also recollected her AOR days when she had prepared the briefs within 2 days so as to avoid being barred by limitation. In her further discourse she reiterated the women to properly follow the dress code and colours that has been prescribed by law.

According to her women lawyers needs to give special attention to their attire especially while meeting clients and while presenting in the Court for creating a positive impact. While articulating on the aspect of court crafting she urged young lawyers  to regularly watch senior lawyers arguing in Courts as it is from this process that lawyers learn the art of court crafting. Furthermore she asked young lawyers to not to emulate the fanciful life of their seniors which were attained only by them in the later stages of their career. The core factor when it comes to women lawyers who are practicing according to her is to find the work-life balance which women can attain as they are known to be multitaskers. Availability at specific timings in the office was very crucial in this regard.  In the leaving note she compared the legal profession to be a Jealous mistress who does not allow you to take out time for yourself, so she emphasized the need to take out some time for regular exercise for if not it could take a toll in the later stages of their life.

The crowd was exhilarated after this address and it is sure that her appointment would be one of the most celebrated moments in the History of the Supreme Court. Her appointment is undeniably a great inspiration for all litigating women lawyers in the days to come.

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