Last-Minute Tips for JEE Preparation

Last-Minute Tips for JEE Preparation

Jee is a competitive exam paper for all the aspirants planning for engineering. In India, nearly 11 lakh students appeared for this paper, and almost 41 thousand students qualified. Approximately 1000 to 2000 made it to IIT, the best engineering institute, every year. So coming back to the fact that the jee exam is near and students must be going through anxiety, nervousness, tension, and many more. So here are some of the tips that can help you boost your performance.

Give Mocks Regularly:

  1. Try giving mocks each day to prepare yourself for the actual exam day.
  2. Try to attempt a mock before you have the paper, which will make your mind active at that time.
  3. Remember that you can only do better when utilizing the energy and study schedule with the right strategy.

Trust the fact that mocks are helpful, and there are many online platforms that, with the help of LMS portals andInstitute ERP, make the process much easier. It’s not that what you practice will come in paper no, maybe you will hardly find a single question on the paper, but the mock will make you aware of all the topics and never get demoralized from the mock trial to prepare well work on the topics.

Be self-confident

The last days are challenging, making you more nervous. Never get self-doubt and try to keep calm. A day is just good or bad, and it’s ok. And try to self-motivate yourself. Convince yourself that you can and you will.

Take breaks

See, mock is essential, revision is necessary, but a break is also significant. Take a 5-10 min break in between, and in the break, eat something healthy or consume lots of water; this will help you be hydrated and boost your confidence.


Even if you have a busy schedule, start your day with the exercise. It will make you feel lighter and more concentrated.

Don’t compare yourself

Many students have a habit of discussing their preparation level with others. Never do that; it will make you feel more doubtful, and you will start freaking about everything, so kindly stay away from this type of conversation.

Revise notes

Last-minute revision is significant as it can make you remember everything at the tip, so you can easily save plenty of time on many questions.

Don’t start a new topic

Learn that you only require approximately 50 Percent to get into a good government college, so trust your preparation. You don’t have to attempt everything; you can easily scrape a few topics.

Things to Do During the Exam

  1. Give 10 to 15 minutes to read the question paper. It will make clear which questions are easy and which are challenging. Try to do easy questions and keep all the tough questions for the review.
  2. Remember that if the paper is easy, it will be for everyone, and if it is hard, it will be for every student who has prepared well. Don’t start freaking out; keep yourself calm.
  3. If you feel that the question paper is very tough and you cannot do it, or you are not able to answer any of the questions, then try to read again and again slowly; you will understand the question and can quickly figure out which questions you can attempt.
  4. While preparing, try to use the reference books along with NCERT.


I hope these tips will help you in your JEE exam preparation. Try to stay on track with jee updates to learn about the datasheet of examination. Be updated with the syllabus and keep revising the concept you find challenging with the help of recorded lectures.