Thinking Long-Term: Why Crypto Savings in Digital Life Bank Make Sense

Thinking long-Term Why Crypto Savings in Digital Life Bank Make Sense

The biggest concerns of the crypto market today are regulations, security, and scalability. These issues have surrounded the space with skepticism for years. The SEC has had mixed opinions related to these currencies due to these issues. For beginners in the crypto space, the experience can be a little overwhelming as the user itself is responsible for keeping the investments secure but readily available through a mixture of cold and hot storage. If the user forgets the passwords to these wallets, the funds are left hanging in that address and can not be accessed. Furthermore, crypto exchanges have been hacked or gone bankrupt in the past with users unable to get their funds back which demanded a better alternative that offered security and ease.

Digital Life Bank has taken a different approach to combining traditional finance and banking with these blockchain-based currencies. Since DL Bank is a traditional digital bank, it allows users to securely manage their assets through a simple two-factor authentication procedure. DL Bank, the SOLEIL INSURANCE licensed digital asset banking platform, not only allows users to hold their cryptocurrencies safely for long periods of time but also helps earn yields on their holdings, essentially creating a savings account in the bank for digital assets. The bank currently supports staking on platforms like Tezos, Cardano, and Polkadot and is currently working on bringing other protocols to the platform. Since the users are able to earn yields on the currencies, this savings account can be used to make huge returns in line with the rising valuation of the market. There is a long way for the market to go and there is a potential for multiple X gains. So, this account can also be used as a long-term saving plan. The two-factor authentication also eliminates the threat of a person losing his digital assets as these passwords can be changed through security questions and two-factor password change methods. So, people of any age can engage in crypto trading without the added anxiety of securing the account on their own.

As opposed to traditional crypto exchanges, Digital Life Bank is a licensed and regulated platform trusted by millions of customers worldwide. The vision to bring opportunities to customers and amalgamate innovative ideas into the banking platform has helped the bank to break above 2 million active users worldwide. This extensive user-base is enough to vouch for the trust and security that the bank provides to its customers. Furthermore, the bank’s Interchange has a section for users to get active signals for trades in line with real-time market data. These forecasts are sent out every few hours with precise Take Profit and Stop Loss values so that users can trade actively to make decent returns. Historically, these forecasts have been accurate 70% of the time. DL Bank offers a very low barrier for entry and the registration as well as KYC procedures are quick to perform. Go ahead and register to take a look at all the services that DL Bank provides!