About Us

The Indian Jurist is a news publishing agency that specializes in reporting on the latest trending news, with a focus on India. The Indian Jurist was founded in November 2016 by University of Oxford undergraduates Tina Hiatt and Olivia Snaije.

From the outset, The Indian Jurist was conceived as an independent news publication that would not be following any particular political agenda or current affairs subject matter. There is no connection between our editors and any governmental body, political party or special interest group; we are completely independent of them all.

The Indian Jurist is privately owned with no external financial support except for the occasional crowd-funding campaigns that are put in place to raise capital for specific, finite projects. These campaigns are always announced beforehand so readers can be sure The Indian Jurist never has any financial ties to undisclosed organizations or political parties.

Our guiding principle is “Journalism Without Interference.” We aim to provide our readers with information on trending news and issues relevant to India while adhering to the principles of journalistic integrity. However, we do not feel it necessary to abide by unnecessary rules set out by governmental bodies when they interfere with the process of reporting. News agencies should have the freedom to report stories how they see fit without censorship or intervention from outside forces, so long as they do not publish information that is harmful to the public.

The Indian Jurist has a specific focus on publishing news from India and does not seek to compete with publications from other countries, but rather wishes to work in conjunction with them. We have a diverse range of writers from different professional backgrounds who specialize in providing an alternative view point from a variety of angles.

Disclaimer: Articles written for The Indian Jurist are strictly the opinion of their respective authors and The Indian Jurist makes no claims concerning their veracity or accuracy. Content published by The Indian Jurist reflects upon itself and we accept responsibility for all views presented therein.