Forex And Crypto: Using the Moving Average Indicator

Forex And Crypto:Using the Moving Average Indicator

Do you want to trade crypto? If yes, you first need to learn crypto. Also, you should consider trading using top crypto exchange platforms.

You need to use different tools to trade crypto successfully, such as the moving average indicator.

What is the Moving Average Indicator?

The moving average is a trend-following and lagging indicator based on a particular asset’s closing price. It is an average of the past prices of the asset. The MA indicator can be used in different ways to trade crypto and make profits from it.

How to Read the Moving Average Indicator

A moving average or support and resistance line are drawn on a chart. Both the lines have to have the same number of bars, and they should cross each other at some point. The crosses indicate that a stronger trend is present in the market.

However, if two (or more) lines are crossing, the price will not follow a clear direction; this can be used for long and short trades.

The lines’ length and the points they cross are different, which means that it is not a classical moving average.

The moving average is used mainly to find support and resistance in crypto trading. The long line represents resistance, and the short line represents support.

Importance of MA Indicator in Forex & Cryptocurrency

The MA indicator is not used only in crypto but also in forex trading. It is one of the most important indicators for trading currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Some of its uses are explained below:

It helps draw support and resistance lines, which can be used for different trades. The MA’s are not just for support or resistance. You can also use them to develop other reversal and momentum indicators strategies.

You can get a trailing stop loss on a moving average position.

If you want to get out of a trade, the MA can be used as a trailing stop to make a profit.

Using MA Indicator with Other Trading Strategies

The MA indicator is one of the best and simplest trading strategies, but it can be combined with other indicators to develop better methods.

For example, you can combine the RSI indicator to get a confirmation that a particular asset is overbought or oversold. You can also use Bollinger bands to confirm price action.

When trading with support and resistance lines, you need to know where they are to place your trades properly.

Important Things to Remember While Developing Strategies

You need to remember that the MA indicator can be used for different purposes, and you should not use it for everything. It is part of a bigger strategy.

You need to remember that the MA indicator is used for confirmation and not as a standalone strategy. You should combine it with different indicators to get better signals. You also need to remember that you should use multiple indicators before making a decision when trading.

Trading Strategies You Can Use with MA Indicator

There are different trading strategies you can use with the MA indicator, and they include:

1. Moving Average Envelopes Trading Strategy

This strategy involves taking long trades when the average line crosses above the lower band and short trades when the line crosses below the upper band.

The MA envelope strategy uses a moving average (MA), a simple moving average, or an exponential moving average depending on what you are comfortable with. You can also use Bollinger bands or other indicators to make trading decisions in this strategy. It is best to combine different indicators for this strategy to work well.

2. Moving Average Ribbon Trading Strategy

This is similar to the moving average envelopes trading strategy. Still, it uses a moving average ribbon- this means that you will be looking at two different moving averages, which can be confusing when making trading decisions.

The strategy uses three exponential moving averages of different lengths. This trading strategy allows you to draw a channel with the three lines, and price action within the channel helps you determine whether to go long or short on an asset.

3. Moving Average Convergence Divergence Trading Strategy

This strategy is used to analyze the direction of a particular asset and determine whether it can trend. This strategy uses the moving average convergence divergence indicator to get this idea. The indicator indicates that if the price closes higher and moves to a new high on any candle, it diverges from the previous trend. However, this happens when the price closes lower and moves to a new low on any candle.

4. Moving Average Hedging Trading Strategy

This trading strategy is used as an extra support or resistance line for your trades. It is not used to trade directly but to hedge your trade. You will use your entry and exit prices as support levels for the hedging strategy. If the price moves in line with your strategy, you will hold onto it until the MA crosses your entry-level (in a different direction), and then you will close it.


The moving average indicator is one of the most widely used indicators in crypto trading and forex trading. The use of the indicator will enable you to trade with better speed and accuracy, which helps in making profits. You should not just limit yourself to the moving average but use all the other indicators in the right way to get the best results.

This article gives an overview of how traders can use the MA indicator when looking for support and resistance. In addition, we have also given a detailed explanation of how you can use the indicator to develop your own strategy.