Should You Report a Car Accident?

Should You Report a Car Accident?

According to US law, you are obligated to report a car accident as soon as possible. Whenever you get into a car accident, you should pull over to a safe place and inform law enforcement immediately. The police will arrive at the accident scene after the accident and investigate accordingly. Once the investigation is done, they will file a police report which will contain information about the accident, including the date and time, location of the accident, drivers involved, who is to blame for the accident, and more.

However, sometimes situations can become a bit confusing. For instance, when you get into a collision, and the other driver runs away from the accident scene, you may be wondering whether you should report the accident or just continue to bear the expenses alone of someone else’s negligent actions?

Remember, you should always report the accident irrespective of how minor it is. After reporting your accident to the police, stay until the cops arrive. After that, your priority should be seeking medical assistance to make sure you are physically fit.

Following your medical diagnosis, when you head home, speak to a car accident attorney to learn more about your legal options for getting compensation.

A police report can serve as crucial evidence

You do not get compensation immediately when you file a car accident claim. You need to provide evidence against the at-fault party to prove liability to support your claim. This evidence includes pictures and videos from the accident scene, your medical records to prove your injuries resulted from the accident, and, most importantly, a copy of the police report.

A police report will serve as an essential document when filing a claim. Since the police report has a lot of information about the accident, it helps the insurance company understand its details. However, this does not mean you cannot file a claim without a police report. You can still file a claim without a police report, but a police report can support your claim and increase the chances of getting fair compensation.

What if I do not file a police report?

In case of a hit-and-run accident, you should file a police report to identify the driver who ran away. Police can help in finding the driver and further take legal action against them. However, you should file a police report even if you are in a fender bender and make sure to collect a copy of the police report.