Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in India

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in India

An influencer has the ability to induce behavioral change in terms of lifestyle, preferences, thought orientation etc. in their followers-base.

The capability to influence and mass audience outreach has opened a plethora of opportunities for various sectors. One of the very prominent sectors is Influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is becoming the new craze and every brand wants to usey this marketing strategy to promote their product/service.

  • According to research statistics by Statista, more than 18,900 companies are involved in offering Influencer marketing services in 2021. It grew 175% from 2019. Now 2 years further down the line, ~25,000 companies are active in 2023 and soon the figures will increase in this decade 2021-2030.

 Influencer marketing field is growing big and vast. It is now absolutely necessary to enter a tripartite agreement of agency, influencers and brands to grow. The multi-billion-dollar industry holds potential work wonders for involved elements.

  • In 2016, Influencer marketing market value was 2billion dollars. In 2022 the market value was 16 billion dollars and interestingly, researchers have projected that by 2027 it will grow exponentially.

Every brand wants to have a piece of this share, but how to get a bigger piece is the moot question. Well, influencer marketing agencies can be your sensei.

Choosing which company to work with is very crucial as well as confusing, but a list of top 10 influencer marketing agency can help you to reach your conclusion.

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agency In India

1. Grynow

Grynow founded in 2017, is the top influencer marketing agency when it comes to work values such as

  • commitment driven
  • Insightful minds
  • Positive ambience
  • Proficiency
  • Innovation oriented

The company has influencer marketing experts from IITs and IIMs who have proficient knowledge and expertise of 6+ years about the influencer marketing industry. Further a data-driven model guides the organization to achieve goals. More than 2 Lakh content creator database and market statistics cement their foundation as a strong pivot in Influencer marketing platforms.

Grynow’s key factors act as their unique selling point and deliverer of overwhelming results.

  • Quality content
  • Target audience assessment
  • High engagement rate
  • Fast collaboration
  • Fake-followers’ assessments
  • Economical service charges

The company understands the paradigm shift of the market that happened recently, from product centric to customer centric approach. It is equally equipped to leverage this situation through content curation, niche accessibility, influencer selection, performance analysis, target demography studies and pragmatic tailored strategies.

Another special attribute of Grynow is that it understands the arithmetic of different factors involved in influencer marketing, such as followers, engagement rate, ROI, interaction frequencies, etc. which acts as a measure of the level of influence an influencer has. The proper categorization is directly linked to economical, target-oriented and objective-oriented goals.

Grynow’s project talks about its commitment and sincerity towards work ethics and results. Grynow has delivered results for amazon, oneplus, khatabook, roposo, moneytap, grow, and the list goes on and on.

2.    IGYgrow –

IGYgrow is one of the best influencer marketing companies in India, that helps brands partner with relevant influencers who have the power to inspire the purchase behavior of audiences depending on their quality of content, engagement rate, past collaborations, fake followers and other key performance indicators. They have invested in researching consumer buying behavior and technology to create communications that go viral.

They position your product and services superior with state-of-the-art strategy, and performance-centric & unique content that enables sales and upsurge brand awareness. It is an end-to-end service provider offering a group of creative visionaries, strategists, influencer specialists, researchers, implementers, analysts, video content creators, and, innovators.

Moreover, they educate brands, marketers, and social media influencers to enhance their social media presence with the hottest industry trends, tips, and tricks. Businesses and brands of all sizes can reach IGYgrow for record growth, consummate expertise, and idiosyncratic influencer marketing solutions like no other organization can provide. Again with 2.5 Lakh+ influencers & content creators, IGYgrow has helped more than 1000+ brands cultivate the highest ROI from influencer marketing!

3.  VidCom –

VidCom is one of the largest and best influencer marketing agencies in India in Feb 2023 that help you scale your brand presence and revenue growth with creative narratives specifically designed with respect to your target consumers’ needs & preferences to achieve and deliver the highest ROI.

The influencer marketing experts team provides trailblazing data-driven influencer marketing services & solutions that create the magic of positive influence around your product or service to make it the ultimate choice for your ideal customers through the resourceful content of hand-picked social media influencers, content creators, or artists.

The firm’s USPs count; for the creation & execution of personalized influencer marketing strategies, creator-user-generated content creation, ultra-campaign monitoring & reporting, hyper-targeting, and absolute talent recruitment procedures. With 2 lakh influencers, a highly knowledgeable internal team, 6+ years of experience, and more, VidCom helps you in influencer marketing campaign ideation, management, reporting, and optimization. The great influencer network the organization owns and also the relationships it has with them, helps Vidcom provide affordable influencer marketing services for all types of brands and businesses. Moreover, Vidcom provides the largest database of 70K regional influencers all over India.

4.    Grynsta –

As one of the prominent influencer marketing agencies in India in April 2023, Grynsta helps businesses, organizations, and popular brands scale their online presence using its professionals’ appropriate social media influencer marketing strategy. The team at Grynsta is committed to helping your products and services take the strategic leap within your competitive market.

As your partner, they help you connect with more than two lakhs of global content creators, matching you with the right talent for the expected results. Furthermore, you get to access millions of social media influencers, bloggers, and other specific artists to create your marketing content and promote them amongst their huge follower base. Hence, you can catapult your business growth to greater heights with incredible influencer marketing services provided by the organization.

5.    Videase –  

is one of the best influencer marketing agencies in India in 2023 well-known for creating & executing successful influencer campaigns featuring A-listed influencers tailored to brands’ needs.Your brand needs a goal-oriented marketing strategy. Even in the case of Influencer marketing, which is trusted to be the most preferred marketing platform for more than  80% of marketers, according to a study, you require a goal-oriented strategy.

Videase helps you in this endeavor because they not only love growing brands but are strategically empowered to help brands meet predetermined goals effectively and efficiently through customized campaigns to suit unique requirements. Understanding the customer needs and targeting the product offerings to suit the customer requirements in a tailor-made fashion is what the platform specializes in.

Leveraging the influencer advantage and creating more engaging content to inform and engage with potential customers further enhances the effectiveness of Videase’s influencer marketing strategies. Whether targeting a niche audience base or a larger, global audience, influencer marketing specialists & professionals help brands customize their content and approach effectively to target them.

6.  Videaze –

Videaze is one of the prodigious influencer marketing agencies in India providing preeminent content & influencer strategy, the best marketing team, the best influencers, and an active hold on various social media platforms and their changing requirements that make the company your ideal influencer marketing and content strategy partner.        

 Offering massive searchable databases of potential influencers, using smart algorithms, and doing customer segmentation after thorough research, Videaze helps brands in positive lead generation, driving conversions, helping in managing productive and conducive influencer relationships, tracking the key metrics, and making data-driven decisions pre and post execution of the campaign.

Thus, helping you to take your product/service to a superior level and improve your brand awareness and reputation with massive visibility and reach

7.    IMphotoeditor – 

If talking about top influencer marketing agencies in India only, we can’t take the risk of not naming the creative visionaries setting the influencer marketing ROI benchmark even higher. IMphotoeditor helps businesses and brands drive definite victory through significant, enlightened, and performance influencer marketing services and solutions.

With sound expertise, savoir-faire, and emphasis, they design & execute bespoke, creative copywriting, strategic and realism inclusive influencer marketing campaigns, that help brands boost sales ROI, cultivate consumer trust and turbocharge all other target objectives.

With data-powered and contemporary influencer marketing strategies, accurate influencer assortment from prevalent influencer marketing platforms, the team of whizzes, and influencer relationship management structure, they help vendors positively impact consumer buying behavior, scale improvement, and substantiation. 

8. Third eye blind production

“Dreams don’t need a vision. All it needs is a direction to lead”

With this simple concept in mind, third eye blind production started its journey from 2016. Through one step at a time, they have traversed a far distance and acquired expertise in host of services. Like, Influencer marketing, Celebrity endorsement, talent management, Digital marketing, inter alia.

Third eye blind production focuses on some sector viz, Build, Strategy, management, experience, focus and fun. All these keystones make their organization one of top influencer marketing agency. Their main objective is to create an impact so intense through sponsored campaigns for audience outreach, high ROI, growth and awareness or the brand.

Being influencer marketing expert, they have set the charges according to the influencers reach and results that they produce. The charging models they apply are pay-per-post, production compensation, SaaS subscription, pay per-click, and Pay-per-acquisition.

9. ANTSdigital

ANTS is a tech-led marketing and communication enterprise where the modus operandi is very holistic. They provide deep insights of customer journey and their experience, recent market trends and tools and technologies.

ANTSdigital focuses on one-on-one relationship with influencers, key opinion leaders and video bloggers across verticals to craft strategies that align with brand’s unique identity and goals.

ANTSdigital process

  • Goal determination
  • Competitive analysis
  • Influencer discovery
  • Ideation process
  • Outreach and promotion
  • Measurement

ANTSdigital works with macro and micro level influencers of diverse niches. They create a perfect mix of strategy, influencer, content, and social media platform for achieving desired objective. They have completed numerous projects for brands, like, Etrio, Youva, Concentrix, ECI, Ejot, etc.

10. The Good Creator

The good creator maintains a pool of more than 1.5Million content creators. They have experience of working with more than 1000 brands. The work environment that they have curated is precise as well as agile, providing platform for brands to create a campaign in easy steps and rest of the necessary process is executed by them company.

The good creator has access to smart tools which allows them to maneuver across verticals. Creator search, Creator Insights, Campaign manager, Brand Suitability and intelligence, market research, and leaderboard are different platform has been provided by the company to monitor a host of factors about campaign and see results.

The good creator is very much result oriented and they have created simple steps to optimize entire process

  1. Campaign strategy- with deep research and proper analysis of the brand and product, they rope in influencer, again as per the brand requirement and finally curate a personalized campaign for the brand
  2. Creator shortlisting- on basis of more than 20 indicators they shortlist the influencers for campaign specific needs.
  3. RoI and analytics- They are equipped with necessary tools and technology which provides real time results to analyze campaign results and it allows them to amend necessary change, if required.

The good creator has successfully completed many campaigns for brands like, Labrada Nutrition, vatika, curate, etc.


Market competition is brutal and changes its pattern on every new day. It becomes an absolute necessity to work with an influencer marketing agency and expert. Grynow understands the reality of the market and is well connected to the roots. Grynow offers a very user-friendly platform for influencers as well as brands. The content creators create content with liberty according to brand requirement. The tools and technologies, real time data allows brands to monitor the campaign as well as make necessary amendments.