5 Tech Gadgets for Maximum Ergonomics in Work and Play

5 Tech Gadgets for Maximum Ergonomics in Work and Play

Ergonomics plays a major factor in work-from-home setups and lengthy gaming sessions. Save your eyes, back, and neck by taking care of them, and consider these five gadgets for a more comfortable time.


Ergonomics begins in the chair and how you sit down to work or play. Nowadays there are plenty of options in the seating department, from gaming chairs to footstools that can cushion your feet and save you from muscle injury. A good chair will have ergonomic functions such as height adjustability and cushioning for comfort.


The next step in achieving acceptable ergonomics is to choose the right table. It shouldn’t be too high nor too low- the optimal level is one that’s in line with your eyes when you sit down. Modern work tables can be set up as a standing desk in case you want to continue working after prolonged periods. For example, you can work sitting down, then take a break and play online poker while in a standing position.


A good monitor or smart TV will have eye-saving and ergonomic features too, including height adjustability, eye care, and low light mode. Since the best angle is a display that’s even with the eyes, you should be able to adjust it properly. 

Lumbar Support

There are some accessories and home items that can provide additional lumbar support. The footstool is an example, as are lumbar pillows and laptop risers, among other things. Set them up properly and your neck and back will thank you for it.


Glasses that filter out blue light can come in handy when you’re in a long gaming session or working the night to finish a deadline. This feature can sometimes be seen in a smart TV or gaming monitor.