Google is expanding its Nearby Sharing and Fast Pair features to Windows

Nearby Sharing and Fast Pair features to Windows

Many Android users choose Windows as their “desktop” operating system because it is more powerful than Chrome OS. Google is now fully embracing this trend, with plans to integrate Nearby Share and Fast Pair into Windows PCs.

Android users will be able to link their phones to Windows PCs and share Bluetooth devices and even transmit files with ease at some point “later this year.”

The new features begin with Fast Pair support. Fast Pair, as it is on Android phones and Google TV/Android TV, will allow consumers to connect compatible Bluetooth headphones to their computer.

Apart from that, Google is also releasing Nearby Share for Windows, which will allow Android users to wirelessly share files with one another. Google hasn’t specified how the capability will be accessible, but it claims it will begin showing up on PCs sold by Acer and HP in late 2022, with Google collaborating on the feature as well.This integration allows your PC to sync texts from your Android phone, according to Google.

Unsurprisingly, it looks like this feature is housed in a stand-alone app; however, Google was unable to speak about specifics of how Nearby Share will function on Windows in its previous briefing.