Gravity Forms Best Free Alternative

Gravity Forms Best Free Alternative

Gravity Forms is one of the top WordPress form plugins because it simply can do anything. Whether you are looking to create a form, build a survey, conduct quizzes or accept payments, Gravity forms would be scalable for your business.

But like any software, Gravity Forms has some disadvantages like:

1- It doesn’t have a conversational addon

2- Although it is very flexible, it is complicated for users to configure some things like for example: payments module. You can accept any type of payment with Gravity forms but you will have a hard time to configure your payment settings.

3- Although Gravity Forms is very developer friendly, the code sounds like old code and the first impression when you look at their code is that it needs to be refactored.

4- It doesn’t have a free version

5- The builder isn’t the best versatile builder in WordPress. They have improved it a bit to look like Gutenberg but still it isn’t the best UI or UX.

There are a lot of Gravity forms alternatives. One of the best alternatives is Quill Forms.

Quill Forms is a high quality WordPress plugin that can build conversational forms that can help in increasing the conversion rate on your WordPress site.

If you are familiar with Typeform, Quill Forms looks like Typeform exactly. So, if you are looking for a free Typeform WordPress plugin, Quill Forms offers a free version on WordPress repo to install.

From our perspective, Quill Forms is even better than Typeform because it has more advanced features and it is built for WordPress. Compare Quill Forms vs Typeform.

The free version of Quill Forms is very good and enough for basic usage if you need just a simple form that can send emails when any user submits the form.

However, if your business needs advanced use cases, then you will need to upgrade to the PRO version.

Another point is that Quill Forms, unlike Gravity Forms, is perfectly suited for surveys and quizzes. Actually, there are a lot of survey plugins in the market but Quill Forms is the best.

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Quill Forms is one of the best Gravity Forms alternatives and is even more versatile than Gravity.

If you are interested, you can just download the free version and try it out.