Technological Innovations in the Automotive Industry

Since the first-ever automobile was introduced to the public markets a few decades ago, the industry has never stopped innovating and changing as we have been able to witness some of the most exciting automobile technologies. The future of the industry is unpredictable, especially with the rate at which auto-technology and AI is evolving, but the following tech is shaping the industry today and changing the way we drive.

Self-Driving AI Systems

One of the most talked-about innovations in the automotive industry right now is self-driving cars, and some of the great minds in the space are looking to create technology that brings these talks to real-life fruition. Elon Musk and his innovative company Tesla were one of the first in the industry to pioneer this technology by including an optional, more expensive, autopilot feature into the older Tesla models. In the current market, however, the autopilot feature is one which is built into the base models of every Tesla, showcasing how close we truly are to having fully self-driving cars on the roads.

Many people are sceptical when it comes to self-driving systems but many industry experts believe that the technology is so far advanced that there is truly nothing to be afraid of. For example, some technologically driven cities and towns in San Francisco have moved to fully self-driving road systems which means that the future cannot be too far off.

Electric Vehicles – Decreased Emissions and Pollution

One of the biggest drawbacks of the automotive industry, since its inception, has been the fact that road vehicles are some of the biggest polluters of our natural environment through petrol emissions exerted from car exhausts.

One of the biggest innovations of the industry in recent years, and one of the biggest goals, is to decrease overall emissions and pollution, to the creation and intense marketing of electric vehicles. This technology has been greatly picking up steam over the past decade as companies like Ford, Tesla, and Volkswagen have been placing considerable resources into the electric vehicle market. Not only do these vehicles retain the power and speed of a normal petrol-fuelled vehicle but they are considerably more effective at protecting our ozone layer and general quality of the environment.

Interior Predictive Technology

One of the more difficult aspects of driving a vehicle is getting the interior of the car perfectly to your liking in order to have the most comfortable driving experience possible. With interior predictive technology, this is no longer a problem, as the technology inserted into the “brain” of the car now curates the driving experience by adjusting seats and pedals, and mirrors to the exact requirements of your body.

This technology is able to take metrics such as your height, the strength of your vision, and the needs of your lumbar to personalize the interior of your vehicle to make the experience of driving as perfect as it can be. Passengers also benefit and can relax and play blackjack for money safe in the knowledge that the driver has the best possible setup for navigating the roads.