Step-by-step Approach On Finding a Perfect Garage Door Insulation Service

Step-by-step Approach On Finding a Perfect Garage Door Insulation Service

When it comes to real estate, homeowners seldom care and ponder about their garage doors. Yet, the home’s exterior and functionality which is a garage door is a part of a greater scheme and must never be overlooked. Most importantly, garage doors are more advanced and intricate in style and technology than other door types, therefore, more precision, knowledge and experience is required when dealing with such a grand part of the exterior.

If trouble occurs everyone without exception is willing to dedicate their personal time into fixing the problem. Why spare your time when hiring a team of experts will help you in the most efficient way possible and will do their best to suit your needs. Finding a proper garage door insulation service is tricky, so in this article we will guide you through the most important moments in finding the best service on the market.

How to find the best company near you

As practice shows, garage door services are a niche area and it is not always that easy to find the best company on the market. Below you will find the simple steps on how to find a company near you:

1. Recommendations

Be those recommendations from the Internet or from real people like your friends or acquaintances. They must be highly appreciated because you can receive real feedback about real service. Try to ask a company to provide you a list of client references and contact them. Doing this live communication will give you all the necessary insights. However, it is not possible in all cases, so try to go online and read some reviews on all possible platforms. Be careful to read all the reviews provided positive and negative alike. Pay attention to those reviews where there is an answer from a company. These answers can give you an understanding about this company’s policy and ethics and you can make sure it aligns with your vision and needs.

2. Accreditations and certifications

Integrity and ethical police are the fundamentals of a successful business as well as brilliant performance. At BBB, Better Business Bureau rating, you can check the company’s website and see an overview about them.

            Furthermore, you have to check with the local Chamber or Commerce the chosen company for all essential certification, since different garage doors require curtain standards that need to be followed  during installation.

3. Physical address

When choosing a service company it is advised to opt for one which is in the close vicinity in case of warranty work or further services are required. It is always better to find a company which has their own storefront, meaning that they have a permanent location. Consider stopping by their storefront and communicating with staff face to face regarding your situation.

4. Experience and expertise

Experience and expertise are paramount as well. The reputation and location are great too, but you have to focus on the company that has been in the business for a long time and knows all nooks and crannies and the most tricky points of working with garage doors. Choose a company service which has been in the business for at least 5 years then you will certainly be sure of their background on installation and repair. STI Garage Door company will be happy to provide high quality service for our future customers in Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC.

How to make the most energy efficient home

In current times, popularity for energy efficient homes has been higher than ever. There are many booming and cutting-edge technologies which attract a lot of attention to this matter. However, you must not splurge on many useless modern fads. The most energy efficient way is to install special garage doors with insulation. It is a well known fact that the garage door is quite a big part of any household, therefore, your home is bound to lose a lot of energy if everything is not properly secured and warmed. There are 3 main ways of insulating a garage door, where each may provide multiple benefits:

  1. Vinyl back insulation is field with sheets and polystyrene insulation. On the exposed part of the garage the insulation part is covered with a material which reminds of a thick wall paper and acts like a barrier between a person and insulation itself. This kind of insulation has an R-value between 6-7 and is relatively light weight. Moreover, vinyl back is known as the most affordable choice of all. However, this benefit comes with an immediate drawback because it can be easily damaged and will require constant repairs or replacement.
  2. Steel back insulation is almost identical to the previous type of insulation despite the fact that it is a barrier which is situated between the garage and the insulation. In such a case the garage door is built in an additional layer of the steel and covers the polystyrene insulation completely. As practice shows, such a type of garage door is quite durable and hard-wearing, yet light. This kind of insulation has an R-value between 10-12. Note that installing steel back insulation can be quite costly.
  3. Steel back polyurethane insulation is the same as a previous one, but instead of polystyrene in panels polyurethane is used. The latter is injected in the special shell of the door as a liquid. When in contact with the air, liquid expands and fills all the spaces inside the garage door. While doing that it hardens the bonds of all inside surfaces in the door. This kind of insulation has the highest R-value between 18-19. Indeed, such doors are durable, stable and long-lasting, however, this type can be rather heavy and expensive in installment.


At STI Garage Door, all the staff ensures that their customers get all the job done from the first time they turn to the company. You can rely on us since we work onsite all the time and are available to help you if something comes up, however, we do our best to make installation or repair fundamentally right at once.