Four Free Drawing Software For Mac &Windows

Four Free Drawing Software For Mac & Windows

Just as the planet Earth is constantly evolving around the orbit, technology also continues its infinite evolution, and as it does that some things get left behind for improved versions of themselves. One of the things that are being left behind is the software apps we used back in the day for creating amazing drawings in the early 21st century, courtesy of

In the modern world, there are now hundreds of software apps that were developed solely for creating masterpieces. Just as we have software apps making animations, there are also several for drawing illustrious arts that will be appealing to lovers of arts. Software apps are now packed full of all the tools you’d ever need to create stunning drawings for the public eye or personal purposes. These tools are easy to use and usually available across platforms. In this article from online casino sites, we will be listing out a few of these free-to-use software apps for beginners looking to improve their drawing skills.


MyPaint is one of the most popular painting tools that even works with Wacom tablets. This is a software tool that is available for download on Linux, macOS, and Windows-based computer systems. With it being free software app, MyPaint is an open-source software across several platforms.

Being a free painting app doesn’t mean it will be limited, MyPaint app is packed with many impressive tools that will help you create your perfect drawings in a clear-cut interface that is completely user-friendly. There are different types of brushes you might want to try out.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Sketchbook which was developed by Autodesk is one of the most popular free software apps for drawing. It can be used to create amazing artwork from your computer. This Sketchbook is packed with all the painting and drawing tools you can think of, and you also get a comfy workspace window that is left for you to use as you want.

This drawing software app has an impressive feature called Scan Sketch that allows you to import art lines with your smartphone camera being used as the scanner. You’ll get an imported line art with a transparent background, then you can proceed to do your part. It is available on Windows and macOS systems.


Third on this list is GIMP, a cross-platform image manipulation software tool that helps users install third-party tools to get more features from the app. It is a software tool popular more popular with artists and digital art creators. GIMP is available for download on macOS, Windows, and Unix-based systems. 

While GIMP’s interface can be quite confusing at first launch, you’ll get used to its graphical design elements and icons. It also has some mockups you might be interested in as an artist.

MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint software app is one of the best drawing apps that let you tell your story through art on your computer. Just like the rest of the software on this app, MediBang Paint is completely free and you also get a multilingual interface.

Available across platforms including Windows, macOS and Smartphones, you can use MediBang Paint to create stunning 2D art. It has a host of brushes and painting tools left at your disposal, so draw away.