Four Important Skills All Android Developers Should Have

Four Important Skills All Android Developers Should Have

These days, our smartphones have been integrated into part of our daily lives. Some people can’t even imagine what their lives will be like without their smartphones or an internet-enabled device. There are apps for almost everything we can think of, and if there aren’t then it’s probably in the making and will only take a while before it enters the Google Play Store. But Android is not the only mobile operating system on the planet, but it can be used to play online casino games.

For the longest time, there has always been this debate over which operating system is better: Android or Apple. Research revealed that over 1.6 billion people use Android smartphone, which has access to over 3 million apps that are available for download. This is one of the reasons why many programmers chose to take the path of Android software development rather than Apple software development.

So, if you’re pursuing a career as an Android developer, this article from contains a list of important skills you must have in your career path.

Programming Language

You should already know that the most important skill when pursuing a career as any software developer, knowing two or more programming languages is a necessity. To get started with Android development, you must have a deep knowledge of the Kotlin programming language. 

Kotlin is the main programming language for developing any Android app. It can be said to be the foundation of the operating system. It is flexible and easy to learn. It is also the best programming language to start with. 

Next on the list is Java programming language, which is the most used language for this operating system. Almost all the development services used Java to build countless apps. Despite Kotlin’s popularity in the Android community, Java still remains a great option for creating apps.

Following Java, you should also have a good knowledge of Python. But you should keep it at the back of your mind that this language won’t be as easy to use on Android as it is on computers. But you should still have a good knowledge of this language.

C/C++/C#: You don’t necessarily have to learn about all three languages, as they are derivatives of each other. Instead, you should know at least one of the C languages, as they can all be used for mobile software development.

Interface Design

As an Android software developer, there are many areas you need to be proficient in. That includes the design interface of an app. Due to this, you might need to be taking up courses in UI/UX design to understand the functions of other things and where things should be placed. 

No matter how great the back end of an app is, it won’t matter if users can’t navigate properly through your designed interface. So, this aspect is also very important to an Android software developer.

Critical Thinking

The importance of critical thinking can’t be stressed enough in all programming jobs. Coding an application is basically creating a solution to a problem that never existed till you started programming. Developers are always responsible for the bugs, features, stability and quality of an Android app.

One of the first challenge a developer solve is to come up with a unique concept and then act on it. Although executing the program is the same as acting on your unique concept, it is also where all the problem-solving starts. As the developer, you’ll have to keep many things in mind as you write the codes and fix the upcoming bugs. This is where your critical thinking comes in.


Mobile software developers don’t always work alone. Sometimes, they are outsourced from an organization to work together in the same team. Each professional in the team could have a different set of skills, but the whole point is for the team to complete the task you were given.

Fluent communication between the team will boost their overall efficiency. The inability to interact with others can cost a company extra days of development time. So as a software developer, you should learn to communicate with people to boost your work efficiency.