In the newest Windows 11 Insider Build improves AirPods support


Android and Windows have never been as well-matched as they are today. We’ve seen Android-specific features in the Your Phone app, but many of them will be altered soon because Microsoft has attempted to enhance Windows 11 AirPods support.

The most recent Insider Build, which was released on May 16, 2018, improves voice conversation audio quality by adding wideband speech compatibility. The add-on is accessible on all versions of AirPods, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max.

It’s a high-definition voice quality that operates in the 50 to 7000Hz frequency range. The result is clearer, more readily identifiable voices for you during virtual meetings than ever before.

Google’s decision to integrate Android and Windows may allow companies such as Microsoft and Apple to compete in the same market. Intel also said it planned to introduce a new technology that would link Windows and iPhone/Apple Watch better together. Let’s have a look at what lies ahead for the future.

In addition, Windows Insider Build 22526 is testing a new Windows ALT+TAB user interface for some participants, in place of the current full-screen version. This build also indexes additional file location URIs, making it more efficient and easier to search for files in File Explorer.

Microsoft has addressed numerous bugs, including the ones that caused the File Explorer process to crash, recent searches flyout to become immobile, app icon resolution in search results to be uneven, Windows widgets issues to be fixed.

Despite the fact that these issues appear to have been addressed, there are a few known glitches, such as being unable to Sing-in to Feeback Hub or other applications, some users experiencing driver and firmware update failures, etc.