You’ll be able to retweet with TikTok-like reaction videos on Twitter soon

TikTok-Like Reaction

A new Instagram-like feature is being tested on Twitter for its iOS users. Users who download the new Twitter functionality can create a TikTok-style response video as well as retweet another tweet. Some iOS users of the Twitter app may notice a new choice when attempting to retweet a message, according to reports.

Unlike the old Twitter method, which involved posting tweets and quoting them in text, this appears to be an experiment. However, recent changes by Twitter suggest that it is testing new features. You may now post your reaction videos, known as “Tweet Takes,” on Twitter (does this sound familiar?).

TikTok has infected many social networking applications such as Meta-owned Facebook, Instagram, and others. Even non-social media platforms like YouTube have implemented their own version of short videos in response to TikTok. Until recently, however, Twitter had avoided any TikTok-style “short videos” similar to it.

The new feature demonstration appears to have a comparable user interface to the now obsolete feature Fleets. All tweets may be “quoted with the response” from the Retweet menu on iOS devices. For the time being, only a select group of Twitter for iOS users can utilize the new reaction videos in much the same way as TikTok does to exclaim tweets.

It appears that videos are the latest in-thing, and everyone wants to get a piece of it. Instagram recently added a new feature that allows users to respond comments with Reels. If the new Twitter video reaction option to quote tweets is popular, it’ll most likely be extended to everyone soon.